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  • import {Component, NgModule} from '@angular/core'
    import {render, screen} from '@testing-library/angular'
    import {ngMocks} from 'ng-mocks'
      selector: 'app-parent-component',
      template: '<app-child-component></app-child-component>',
    class ParentComponent {}
      selector: 'app-child-component',
      template: '<p>Child component</p>',
    class ChildComponent {}
      declarations: [ParentComponent, ChildComponent],
    export class AppModule {}
    describe('ParentComponent', () => {
      it('should not render ChildComponent when shallow rendering', async () => {
        const dependencies = ngMocks.guts(null, AppModule, ParentComponent)
        await render(ParentComponent, dependencies)
        expect(screen.queryByText('Child component')).toBeNull()
  • let animations = document.querySelector(".animate").getAnimations();
  • let animations = document.querySelector(".animate").getAnimations();
      title: 'Custom animation with Animate.css',
      showClass: {
        popup: 'animate__animated animate__fadeInDown'
      hideClass: {
        popup: 'animate__animated animate__fadeOutUp'
  • // The cake has its own animation:
    var nommingCake = document.getElementById('eat-me_sprite').animate(
      { transform: 'translateY(0)' },
      { transform: 'translateY(-80%)' }
    ], {
      fill: 'forwards',
      easing: 'steps(4, end)',
      duration: aliceChange.effect.timing.duration / 2
    // Pause the cake's animation so it doesn't play immediately.
    // This function will play when ever a user clicks or taps
    var growAlice = function() {
      // Play Alice's animation.;
      // Play the cake's animation.;
    // When a user holds their mouse down or taps, call growAlice to make all the animations play.
    cake.addEventListener("mousedown", growAlice, false);
    cake.addEventListener("touchstart", growAlice, false);
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