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  • // Before running the sample:
    // - Enable the API at:
    // - Login into gcloud by running:
    //   `$ gcloud auth application-default login`
    // - Install the npm module by running:
    //   `$ npm install googleapis`
    const {google} = require('googleapis');
    const file = google.file('v1beta1');
    async function main() {
      const auth = new google.auth.GoogleAuth({
        // Scopes can be specified either as an array or as a single, space-delimited string.
        scopes: [''],
      // Acquire an auth client, and bind it to all future calls
      const authClient = await auth.getClient();
      google.options({auth: authClient});
      // Do the magic
      const res = await file.projects.locations.operations.delete({
        // The name of the operation resource to be deleted.
        name: 'projects/my-project/locations/my-location/operations/my-operation',
      // Example response
      // {}
    main().catch(e => {
      throw e;
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