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Loved By Developers

Ivan Akulov
I found bloop extremely valuable (I’d pay $/mo for it). I tried out bloop because it sounded interesting, but I found it extremely valuable, even more than I expected.
Jim Fung
Honestly, it's exactly what I've been looking for, the way you've put Bloop together works pretty damn well.
Mark Vasilkov
Hi, I think bloop is actually amazing, I'll be demoing it to my team :)
Omar Magdy
It's a neat product and definitely a productive way to navigate new repos
Lucas Greenwell
Absolutely loved the conversational interface with direct knowledge of my code
David Priddle
Well, GPT is an amazing thing. It's really nice to be able to incorporate it with my code. Bloop was great for getting up on a gnarly golang codebase I wasn't familiar with
Chirag Veged
Its been a great experience to using bloop!
Sean Smith
First off, the app is really well built. Bloop fits the gap between GPT4 and Copilot very well.
Aleixo Sanchez
Just wanted to quickly say thank you, it's awesome.
Braxton Mills
It’s going great! This is exactly what I was looking for.
Hilton Nguyen
I just want to say thank you for the creation of Bloop. I use it for code indexing and to simply ask questions about the codebase from a broader holistic viewpoint, etc. Despite being in its early stages, it's proving to be a valuable tool.
To be honest, I'm quite excited about Bloop and its potential. I appreciate that it is a standalone product and does not need to be integrated with an IDE like VSCode or JetBrains to function effectively. Additionally, I find the desktop version's ability to access the file system and analyze local repositories very useful.
Gabriel Almeida
As soon as I opened it I saw its potential as an onboarding tool. Understanding code you don't know much about quickly is very useful.
WeiZhi Tang
Bloop is cool and helpful especially when reading source code.
Fande Yu
I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the power and helpfulness of Bloop. I have found it incredibly useful in explaining codes committed by others, completing functions, and writing unit tests.
Samir Singh
I'm enjoying bloop. Being able to ask questions of a repository's code in bloop has been really helpful and I love the bloop interface. I feel like the same interface and workflows could actually be applied to so many verticals. Thanks so much for the work you guys are doing.
Marco Neves
Bloop is great. I stumbled upon it while coincidentally developing the same concept and was blown at way at how polished the system is. Great job!
Joao Deher Neto
Congratulations for the great job, bloop is quite fun!
Brian Simpson
I am really loving your product so far. I used it to refactor my resume codes folder because it enabled me to easily create a README for my older code that I had forgotten the finer details of. Thanks again for creating such a useful and innovative tool.
Bloop works really well for me, I'm really surprised by how much it actually could help me with my coding.
Ben Shewmaker
I love, love being able to ask high level questions and getting pointed to the right point in the code. Keep up the good work, and best of luck with Bloop!
Massimo Savino
Such a great tool! Liking the look, style, and overall responsiveness of the app, especially WRT syncing quickly and effortlessly
Zhenyu Chen
I was trying to understand an unpopular codebase, and I felt lost. Then I saw someone shared this tool on Twitter. It's just so amazing when I tried it out. It literally tells me the logic of the whole codebase.
The app is cool and I was able to successfully search for some code using natural language which I was really impressed by.

Code Discovery

Natural language search surfaces internal libraries and existing patterns. This helps prevent stale code, dependency bloat and frees up time to work on unsolved problems.

Hamel Husain

Hamel Husain

Former GitHub Code Search Lead

Making it easier to discover internal APIs improves adoption and reduces duplication. bloop’s natural language search returns accurate results in less time, making it a powerful alternative to slow keyword searches and asking colleagues for help.

backgroundconversation with bloop 1

Human Explanation

bloop understands your codebase. When responding to natural language searches, complex concepts are summarised and the intention behind code is explained.

Igor Susmelj

Igor Susmelj

Cofounder, Lightly

Understanding code is a major component of every developer’s day. bloop’s summarization helps close the development loop by speeding up code review, planning and many other tasks.

backgroundconversation with bloop 2

Stage Changes

You can follow up a natural language search with a codebase change. This is ideal for small changes and can be initiated by anyone on the team, regardless of coding ability.

backgroundconversation with bloop 3

One source of truth for your codebase

The only platform that offers natural language search, regex matching and precise code navigation for your private codebases

Speaks your language

Natural language search can answer in over 20+ languages. Génial, non ?

Lightning fast regex

Built in Rust, bloop is the fastest way to find code, identifiers, paths and repos with regex.

Precise code navigation in 10+ languages helps you move quickly through refs and defs
Open source users are first class citizens, with an unlimited free tier for those who self-host
Private. We collect telemetry to improve the service and do not share your code with other customers