AI Powered Legacy Code Conversion That Produces Readable Java

Broadening the modernisation paths available and helping to solve legacy code for the long term


Functionally Equivalent

COBOL and Java programs exhibit identical behaviour, validated by our AI test suite.


Readable Code

COBOL is converted to Java that reads as a human would write. No more Jobol or Cava.


License Free

Modernised code makes use of Open Source libraries and cloud primitives where possible to maximise cost savings.


Ready to Change

After conversion, code can be modified and extended without the need for refactoring, useful for meeting tight deadlines.



Our automatic translation is safer than a manual rewrite, with correctness checks built in at every stage of the pipeline.

What is AI code conversion?

Traditional approaches to code conversion have resulted in code which is unreadable and therefore impossible to modify or build upon.

We've pioneered a new approach to code conversion which produces Java, written as a human would write, and ready for further development and consolidation with your core engineering unit.

Our research lab works with teams that have a strong desire to migrate their COBOL to Java, combining modern LLM based approaches with the accuracy of compiler based code conversion.

Why work with us to modernise?

We're a startup research lab focussed on AI and programming languages, based in London, UK and backed by leading investors including Y-Combinator.

AI has the potential to automate a vast amount of the menial engineering tasks, freeing up engineering resources for innovation.

Our customers win or lose by the speed at which they can innovate, and our mission is to free them from the burden of legacy code.

How does it work?

Initial survey

We perform an initial survey of the environment, identifying and risk-scoring each component and dependency



We begin work with a proof-of-concept, converting a portion of the system in a short sprint, in order to demonstrate value



Finally we undergo the full modernisation, onboarding your team who can immediately start innovating


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