Code Studio


We set out to build a tool that enables hobbyists and engineers working on the largest codebases, alike, to collaborate with AI. From conversations with our community, we've honed in on the following principles of how this tool should operate and provide value:

  • AI generated content should align with the organisation's standards and style of writing code, and existing patterns should be surfaced over patterns found in open source
  • AI should do more than just complete code, it should modify existing code and explain its rationale and caveats
  • AI generated content should be easy to interpret, so that engineers can efficiently act as firewalls between generated content and the codebase
  • Code context used during AI generation should be visible and easy to audit

Writing Code

We've put together a quick video showing how to get started with bloop Code Studio. Please keep in mind that this is a very early preview of this tool, and your feedback and bug reports will help us improve code studio.

Note: you must be running bloop 0.5.0 or higher to use code studio.